"...it's More training. you are multidimensional. so thats where our work is" -RLM


As goes for many New Yorkers, the journey of how we ended up in NYC is always alluring. I landed here in 2010, coming from a small city in Northeast Ohio, Youngstown. 

BODY: I competed as a gymnast from a toddler age which led into my love of sports. So much that I track in college - University of Akron - and worked with the University's sports broadcasting network as a sports reporter. When I transplanted to New York, I joined New York Road Runners and undecidedly became a long(er) distance runner. The fitness scene was just beginning to explode, so I rode the boutique fitness ride of Barry's, Soul Cycle, Core Fusion, Physique 57, SLT, AKT upswing, taking hundreds of classes (obsessively, I admit - hard not to) while embarking on a marketing/advertising career.

MIND: It was when I moved to New York I got out of touch with who I was and who I was becoming. I pursued a career in marketing for three years, realizing what I really wanted was to be more in touch with the physical and mental aspects of life. After a year of deep thinking and complaining to my mom over the phone, I resigned from my job, applied to graduate programs for psychology, and became a personal trainer at Equinox. After graduating from NYU with a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology focusing on Mental Health Counseling, I now also see patients at a psychoanalytic clinic on the Upper West Side.

TOGETHER: I now live in a world that you can't experience the body without the mind, and the mind without the body. Many times in the past in my naïveté, I have tried to compartmentalize and convince myself, "just workout, just workout, just work out, eat right, eat right, eat right," and "don't think about it just do it." When in actuality I should have been asking, "Where am I emotionally, am I my own support, my own validation, how can I physically and physiologically get myself out of this funk, am I reflecting and showing gratitude.. and many other questions." Now being a personal trainer, I like to instill this mentality in my clients and the narrow world of fitness becomes the preamble to the psyche. And then reciprocated.

MY APPROACH: All clients I train start off with just that: physical training. Because I am currently pursuing a license in the Mental Health Counseling field, all mental health practices are based on a coaching premise. We talk beforehand, I understand your goals, and we discuss scheduling and time/place to meet. That simple. And, of course we get right to it. For example, your goal is to lose body fat in a two month span, I have you hitting the weights the first time we meet and set you up on a program where we communicate about workouts, diet, and of course, mental health.