"It's the intersection of mind and body that I want all people to find and embrace."


I was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio.  I was a competitive gymnast growing up and that was where the seed was planted.  I learned through my training that I could only take my body as far as my mind would allow - that without focus, discipline, and curiosity, none of it would have been possible.  Gymnastics led me to try other sports like track and field and volleyball.  I ran for the University of Akron track team, doing hurdles and sprints.  

It was when I moved to New York where i got out of touch with who I was and who I was becoming (aren't you supposed to do the opposite?).  I pursued a career in marketing for three years, realizing what I really wanted was to be more in touch with the physical and mental aspects of life.  After a year of deep thinking (and complaining to my mom), I resigned from my job, applied to graduate programs in the city for psychology, and became a personal trainer.  Where?  Of course, Equinox.

I now do personal training and study psychology which has given me an incredible amount of inspiration and vision of what I can do with what is out there.  What is most important to me when I work with people is for them to connect with their own body and mind in order to reach new levels - of strength, curiosity, and simply just living. 

Where I am at now...

I am currently a Tier III+ personal trainer at Equinox with over 20 active clients. I am also a running coach - primarily teaching intervals in a treadmill interval based class.  My clientele ranges from 25-60 years old, both males and females.  I also train privately.  My style of training is hands on and specific, yet fun and intense (the term fun is ambiguous, remember).  I am big on technique and form and it is important for me to familiarize myself with your moving patterns.  My theory is to 'always get out of your comfort zone'.  There is a threshold that people hold themselves to physically and mentally.  I will make sure you start to tip toe out of that threshold in order to find results and new capacities. 

Where I am going...

I am a graduate student in the Applied Psychology Department at NYU Steinhardt.  I am studying mental health with the goal of applying mental therapy and coaching with clients in connection with the physical body.